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-出版社/Publisher:赤々舎 / Akaaka-sha
-発行日/ Date of issue:2019/1/18

-判型/Size:A4横変型判 / 240×252mm


Tone Reproduction method: Process 4C, Super Black + Gloss Varnish, Process 4C + Gloss Varnish

用紙:サテン金藤N、岩はだ しろ、ヴァンヌーボVG スノーホワイト、タント S-5
Satin Kinfuji-N, Iwa Hada Shiro, Van Nouveau VG Snow White, Tanto S-5

上製本糸かがり綴じ/Hard binding

自然の中へ分け入り、律動する風景に反応して蓄積された日本風景のイメージは、<光・時間・色・造形・音・気温・匂い・風>という要素に解体され、地球(terra)の表情として再構築される。風景とスナップショットが激しく交わり、生命の胎動として捉えられた作品群が、歴史を穿つ風景写真として立ち上がる。(ーGOTO AKI official website より)

GOTO AKI 氏が撮影したこれらの光景は、私たちが気軽に訪れることのできる観光地や山々を撮影したものです。「風景写真の文化として確立している世界に、風穴を開けたい」と語るとおり、既視感を削ぎ落し、スケール感の壊れた世界観の写真ならではの表現を追求されています。この写真集では、長い年月を経て地球上に生み出された神秘的な自然の光景を、存分にご堪能いただけます。

What would the Japanese landscape look like if it were captured in the context of the vast flow of time on the planet Earth, away from the human scale? With this question in mind, I continued to photograph the terra series.

The images of Japanese landscapes accumulated in response to the rhythm of nature are broken down into the elements of "light, time, color, form, sound, temperature, smell, and wind," and reconstructed as the expression of the earth (terra). Landscapes and snapshots are intensely intertwined, and the works, captured as the embryo of life, rise up as landscape photographs that pierce through history. (From GOTO AKI's official website)

These scenes taken by Mr. GOTO AKI are of sightseeing spots and mountains that we can easily visit. As he says, "I want to make a hole in the established culture of landscape photography," he pursues a unique photographic expression of a world with a broken sense of scale by removing the sense of déjà vu. In this collection of photographs, you can fully enjoy the mysterious natural scenes that have been created on the earth over a long period of time.

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¥4,400 tax included