創業70 年の印刷会社。近年では「標準が高品質」を社是に美術書、写真集、図録の印刷に注力。国内外の著名な写真家の作品を数多く手がけています。ここ10 年を通して、プリンティング・ディレクター高栁昇の指揮による写真集・図録の印刷には国内外から高い評価を受けています。対話を通じて作家の意図を暗黙知として読み取り、デフォルメという手法で印刷物を「作品」の域に昇華させるべく、東京印書館はオフセット印刷における表現の可能性を日々追求し続けています。

PRESSMAN BOOKSでは東京印書館で印刷・製本を手掛けた写真集を中心とした書籍の販売をいたします。多くの方にモノ作りの視点からも作品への関心を持って頂けることを願ってやみません。

A long-established printing company established 70 years ago. In recent years, the company has focused on printing art books and photo books under the motto "Standard is high quality". We produce many works by world reknowned photographers in Japan and overseas. Over the past 10 years, the printing under the direction of the print production director, Noboru Takanagi, has been highly valued both in Japan and overseas. The Tokyo Inshokan will continues to pursue the possibility of expression in offset printing everyday in order to sublimate printed material to the level of art with a method "deformation", while reading the author's intentions as implicit knowledge through dialogue.

PRESSMAN BOOKS sells books, mainly photo books and art books printed by Tokyo Inshokan. We believe that the perspective of "manufacturer" will give books another possibility to communicate with more audience those who were unaware of but actually needed them!