SHANTI persona in india 鬼海弘雄 / Hiroh Kikai

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-出版社/Publisher:筑摩書房/Chikuma Shobo
-判型/Size:A4変型判/270x 220mm
-言語/Language : 日本語, 英語/Japanese and English

Tone Reproduction method:Double tone offset printing by black, gray and varnish.

<本文用紙/Paper, main body>
b7 ナチュラル/b7 NATURAL

上製本/Hard binding

浅草・浅草寺で 45 年間、ポートレイトを撮り続けた鬼海弘雄のもうひとつのライフワーク、「インド」。彼の地に通って35年。数カ月にわたって滞在するが、「名所旧跡を訪ねることもなく、ほとんど変哲もない町や村に逗留しては、同じ道を繰り返して歩くだけの旅」だったという。



『PERSONA 最終章』と双璧をなす珠玉のポートレイト集、ぜひご覧いただきたい。


Shanti, means peace and tranquility in Sanskrit."India" is another lifework of Hiroh Kikaii, who took portraits at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa for 45 years.

he had been to India for 35 years and each time stayed there for several months. But “It was trip that I was staying at ordinary town or villege and just walk the same path over and over again, not even visited single historic or scenic sites.” he said,

He shot the the scenery, people and their daily lives encountered there. In Tokyo, he captures people without background in “Asakusa portrait”, the PERSONA, or portraits of scenery without people however, he did not make distinction between two in India. People, the land, the wind, children, and the sea, everything is a portrait of a universal human being.

This book features children from India. Small personas that will be capitalized. But there is a universe of human beings, with a certain presence of persona. Everyone will find their old self in these pictures.

Shanti; the persona in India is another masterpiece of portraits by Hiroh Kikai as with the Persona the final chapter.

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