PERSONA: The Final Chapter 2005-2018/ 鬼海弘雄写真集『PERSONA最終章 2005−2018』

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-出版社/Publisher:筑摩書房/Chikuma Shobo
-判型/Size:A4変型判/270x 220mm
-言語/Language : 日本語, 英語/Japanese and English

Tone Reproduction method:Double tone offset printing by black, gray and varnish.

<本文用紙/Paper, main body>
b7 ナチュラル/b7 NATURAL

上製本/Hard binding

鬼海弘雄写真集『PERSONA最終章 2005−2018』解説=堀江敏幸
写真家・鬼海弘雄は 1973年から45年間、浅草・浅草寺境内で市井の人のポートレイトを撮り続けている。そこに映る人の佇まいに魅了され、一度見ると忘れられず、何度でも繰り返し見てしまう。

鬼海弘雄と彼の浅草ポートレイトの代名詞となり、 世界各地で続々と鬼海の「PERSONA」展が開催され、2003 年に刊行された同名の写真集は入手困難な伝説と化した。

伝説から 15 年── 前作以降に撮影された作品を編み、ここに完結編と言うにふさわしい最新写真集をお届けする。


'PERSONA The FINAL CHAPTER 2005 – 2018': 

From 1973 to 45, photographer Hiroo Kikai has been taking portraits of ordinary people in Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa.He had been fascinated by the apperance and aura of those people there.

Once we saw them, it is hard to forget those images and cannot help but looking at them again and again.The movie director Andrzej Wajda was also fascinated by the portraits of Kikai and he invited Kikai to hold his exhibition in Poland, and the series once called "portraits of kings" eventually named “PERSONA”, which has later become synonym for the photographer Hiroh Kikai and his Asakusa Portrait.

Kikai’s "PERSONA" exhibitions had been held one after another around the world and the book of the same title published in 2003 became a legend that has been difficult to get until now.

15 years after the legendely book, PERSONA The FINAL CHAPTER 2005 – 2018 is finally out as complete collection of his works shot later 2005.


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¥11,000 tax included